Why should you chose us?
  • Experienced

    Our background includes both residential AND commercial cleaning, so we bring the necessary experience to clean your home safely, thoroughly, and efficiently.
  • Trustworthy

    Magical Maids® is fully insured and bonded through Nationwide Insurance, and we welcome the opportunity to present our bond or our certificate of insurance before cleaning your home! All of our employees go through a criminal background check, and are never left unsupervised until they meet our rigorous certification requirements. Even then, we conduct unannounced, on-site quality assurance inspections to ensure every team meets our high expectations.
  • Knowledgeable

    We bring more than just our cleaning supplies! We bring a vast knowledge of cleaning tips & tricks which enable us to deal with everything from tough grease to scratched wood and pet odors or spraying.
  • Flexible

    Need to change days due to a special event? Want to add an à la carte service? We will go out of our way to try and accommodate any special needs you may have!
  • Passionate

    We love to clean! We founded this company on our passion for providing our clients with a fresh, clean home that they can be proud to invite their family and friends into at any time!
  • Confident

    We are so confident that we guarantee our cleaning services. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning, we will promptly make it right! If you ever feel you didn’t get the cleaning you deserve, our owner Amanda will return with another senior member of our team and re-clean your entire home for absolutely no charge.
  • Competitive

    We understand that you have choices in cleaning companies. While we can’t guarantee another company won’t cost a little less, we CAN guarantee that we offer highly competitive and fair prices, and the absolute best cleaning you will find anywhere!
  • Generous

    We Reward Loyalty:

    Every year that a client is with Magical Maids®, we provide one free cleaning. You can use it for one of your regularly scheduled cleanings, throw in an additional cleaning, or even gift it to a friend! (Free cleaning based on 365 days of bi-weekly cleaning or 6 months of weekly cleaning)

    Referral Bonus:

    We also offer a referral bonus! For any new client we take on from your referral, we will take $20 off your next cleaning (after your referral has completed their first cleaning). If they remain with us for six months, we will take another $20 off your first cleaning after that!
  • Big Heart

    100% Green Clean:

    If you love the environment as much as we do, we offer a 100% Green Clean! This service guarantees that we use only cleaning supplies and chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Because these cost a fair amount more, there is a small surcharge for this service, but we think the environment is worth it!

    Community Program:

    We take great pride in going above and beyond any other cleaning company. Magical Maids® donates a portion of our total profits to support two important causes - Cerebral Palsy research and treatment, and the victims of sexual abuse.

    Friends to the Environment:

    Whenever possible we use re-useable cleaning supplies. We also recycle, and we wash our re-useable cleaning supplies in 100% organic and environmentally friendly detergents.