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Cleaning Supply Delivery

Our signature offering! Nobody knows cleaning like Magical Maids! We stock the top brands of the most commonly needed household cleaning supplies. Just order your supplies on our web site and we will drop them off on your regularly scheduled cleaning day.

oven cleaningOvens

A clean oven is very important! Dirt can build up and affect cooking quality, and grease can accumulate and eventually become a fire hazard! Not to mention the embarrassment of somebody seeing inside your oven at a holiday dinner! Cleaning an oven properly is time consuming, messy, and involves chemicals, so why not let Magical Maids do the work for you? $20.00


Whether it's the smell, the appearance, or a picky mother-in-law coming to visit, it's time to clean that refrigerator! We will remove all food, thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside, wipe down any sticky condiments jars, and freshen your refrigerator with a box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda! $10.00

window cleaningWindows

Do your windows look more like walls? Let Magical Maids bring back the sparkle in your eye by restoring the sparkle in your glass! We will hand wash 100% of the Windows on the inside and outside of your home that do not require a ladder. We can even get the outsides of upper level fold-down Windows from inside! Ask for Quote.

blind cleaningBlinds

Afraid to open your blinds for fear of a dust avalanche? Magical Maids has the solution! This is no quick dust, or once over with a vacuum. We will thoroughly hand clean and disinfect your blinds, whether they are wood, faux wood, aluminum or cloth. Ask for Quote.


We know you are very busy, and sometimes you just need a little extra help! Let us knock out some laundry since we are already there! We will wash, dry and fold, or wash and hang! It's one less thing for you to worry about! If you think laundry will be a regular request, we will even provide Magical Maids laundry bags which allow you to separate loads and leave special instructions. $5.00/load

pet sittingPet Sitting

Going on vacation or getting away for the weekend, but don't want to worry about boarding your pets? Magical Maids is happy to help! We love pets, and can walk, feed, and change litter. More importantly, we can give them some much needed love, pets and scratches because we know they miss you! Ask for Quote!

Grocery Delivery

Forgot an important item for dinner? Didn't make it to the store this week? From a single item to your entire grocery list, we will happily swing by the store and knock out your shopping on the way to your regularly scheduled cleaning! Ask for Quote!