Our Services
We look forward to finding the solution that is right for YOU!
  • Weekly / Bi-Weekly Cleaning

    Our weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is not only the best deal, but it also ensures your home is maintained on a consistent basis. Our standard cleaning involves cleaning all sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, countertops, mirrors, and stovetops. We also clean all common, high traffic surfaces such as the exterior of ovens and refrigerator, as well as the inside and outside of microwave ovens. We dust or clean all major furniture items such as kitchen and dining room tables, washer and dryers, pianos, credenzas, etc. Finally, we clean or vacuum all floors, whether they be carpet, tile, or wood. We also offer a wide array of à la carte cleaning services that can be added to any visit with notice.
  • One Time Deep Clean

    Our one-time-deep-clean is great for people who want an annual or semi-annual sprucing up of their home! Deep cleaning is conducted at an hourly rate, so we can get as detailed as you would like! Floors, counters, sinks, tubs, windows, baseboards, ovens, ceiling fans, refrigerators (inside & out). The sky is the limit with a deep clean ... just tell us what YOU need to be done! A one-time-deep-clean also makes a great gift! Call us for a free quote!
  • Move In & Move Out Cleanings

    Are you moving into a new home? Let Magical Maids get rid of all the construction dust! Then, all you need to do is unpack (by the way ... we do that too!) Moving into a new apartment? Let Magical Maids clean and disinfect the entire apartment before you arrive. We can even steam clean the carpets! Moving out? Increase your chances of getting your security deposit with a professional cleaning by Magical Maids. We won't skimp on the details!
  • Organizational Services

    We can assist with cleaning and organizing clutter, and have experience with de-cluttering and assisting everybody from over-collectors to self proclaimed pack rats and diagnosed hoarders! We can even haul away the trash and donations.
  • 911 Cleaning Emergencies

    Mother-in-law coming to visit? Hosting a last-minute event? Your boss invited himself to dinner? Don’t panic! Whether you need your entire home cleaned, just one level, or just the kitchen and bathrooms, our emergency cleaning service gets us to your home the SAME DAY you call! We also clean at night and on the weekends!
  • Garage Cleaning

    We will empty out your garage, sweep, power wash the floor, wash windows, clean blinds, wipe cabinets, clear cobwebs, and put everything back where you want it … clean & organized!
  • Auto Detailing

    Let us detail the interior of your car at your home or office! Schedule an appointment or add an auto detail to your regularly scheduled house cleaning!
  • À La Carte

    We offer virtually any bonus service you can imagine! Because our cleanings our schedule, it is helpful to schedule these services in advance, but we will try to be flexible no matter what your needs. From windows and blinds to carpet steaming and oven cleaning, we do it all! Check out our à la carte menu!
  • À La Carte Services
  • Windows

    Let us make your windows sparkle again!we can do 100% of your interior windows, your lower level outside windows, and all outside upper level windows with fold-down capability! Ask for Quote.
  • Special Event Hostessing

    Having a special event and need a little help? Look no further than Magical Maids Home Services! We can simply do a pre and post-clean, or we can do it ALL! We will arrive early, assist with set up and food prep, welcome guests, hang & retrieve coats, circulate appetizers, keep drinks full; run the wine & beer service, pick up after your guests throughout the event, and help with the take-down and after cleaning! References Available for our hostessing services!
  • À La Carte Services


    A clean oven is very important! Dirt can build up and affect cooking quality, and grease can accumulate and eventually become a fire hazard! Not to mention the embarrassment of somebody seeing inside your oven at a holiday dinner! Cleaning an oven properly is time-consuming, messy, and involves chemicals, so why not let Magical Maids do the work for you? $20.00
  • Refrigerators

    Whether it's the smell, the appearance, or a picky mother-in-law coming to visit, it's time to clean that refrigerator! We will remove all food, thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside, wipe down any sticky condiments jars, and freshen your refrigerator with a box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda!
  • Blinds

    Afraid to open your blinds for fear of a dust avalanche? Magical Maids has the solution! This is no quick dust, or once over with a vacuum. We will thoroughly hand clean and disinfect your blinds, whether they are wood, faux wood, aluminum, or cloth. Ask for Quote.
  • Laundry

    We know you are very busy, and sometimes you just need a little extra help! Let us knock out some laundry since we are already there! We will wash, dry and fold, or wash and hang! It's one less thing for you to worry about! If you think laundry will be a regular request, we will even provide Magical Maids laundry bags which allow you to separate loads and leave special instructions. $5.00/load
  • Pet Sitting

    Going on vacation or getting away for the weekend, but don't want to worry about boarding your pets? Magical Maids is happy to help! We love pets and can walk, feed, and change litter. More importantly, we can give them some much-needed love, pets, and scratches because we know they miss you! Ask for Quote!